Who We Are


Best Engineers Pumps Pvt Ltd is started in 1970 and engaged in 1970 in the manufacturing/marketing of water handling pumps. Every step in our March-is a firm step towards Quality (which is our main objective) and perfection culminating in a product "BESTEN PUMPS" - serving a million and more satisfied customer.
The NUMERO STATUS we enjoy today in the INDIAN PUMP INDUSTRY is because of our objective which is very dear to us and Mr. J. Gowrisankar B.E., M.Sc., (Engg), Founder/Managing Director has won many Laurels and Awards from the Indian Government for the same.

About Founder

Mr. J. Gowrisankar, Chairman, Best Pumps (India) Private Limited

Mr. J. Gowrisankar was born in 1944 in a poor family of six children and his father Shri. Janakiraman was a State Government Employee and retired from service with a meager pension of Rs. 80/-. HE took his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1964 and stood first in the state. In 1970, HE started a small industry in his house with Rs.100/- as a capital, after working in a number of Engineering units.

In 1971, HE joined the part time B.E. at G C T, Coimbatore and took the B.E. Degree in 1974 securing 1st Rank in the University Examination and in 1975,
HE joined the full time Master's Degree in Engineering and again took the 1st rank of the Madras University.

HE is a highly industrious person and hard work and sincere efforts is in his blood. His motto “DO IT NOW AND WELL” has taken him to the highest position. Best Group of Companies today stands a symbol of “Unity and Effective Interaction” between Small Scale Industries and Banking Institutions.

HE strives to serve the society by upgrading the products with new designs every 3 years to bring them nearer to State of Art in the world, in Design, material and performance. Being a voracious reader HE keeps himself abreast of all latest technological developments in the world. R & D work is a part of his daily routine.

HE always interacts with Engineers, works men and job workers and constantly updates their knowledge. All designs are formulated, prototypes fabricated and tested under direct interaction with auxiliary units and operators concerned. This company spends 1 % of the annual turnover on R & D.

A company “Best Engineers” was floated by him, to be in-charge of the Quality Assurance of all the components and products manufactured by the Best Group of Companies. In 1996 “Best Engineers” is awarded ISI 9002 certification by KPMG Quality Registrar of U.S.A. for providing technical services including inspection and testing services for pumps, motors and their accessories. Best Engineers updated their quality Management system in line with the revised
ISO 9001 2000 Version in August 2002.

HE is a very quality conscious person and believes that Quality should be in built at all stages of design, material, procurement, manufacture and testing, packing, supply Sales and Service. HE has developed a perfect system of traceability which enables the company to pinpoint the defects if any reported and to take immediate corrective action. All the finished products are 100% tested in the factory and Random tests are also conducted by a separate wing. Computerized test records are maintained.

Being an active member of the various committees of the B.I.S. he scrupulously practices the standards specifications in all his products. The company is first to get ISI marking - IS:12225 for Centrifugal jet pumps in the year 1988 and IS : 8472 for Centrifugal Regenerative Pumps in the year 1999. HE was the Chairman Technical Committee for Agricultural Pumps formulated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency created by Government of India in October 2001.

HE has designed and developed pumps and motors which are equivalent to any International design in performance, life, weight, appearance and efficiency.
In certain aspects they are better than any International Pumps.

Today the production of pumps in his group companies has gone above 3.50 lakhs units / annum with a growth rate of 35 times in 40 years.

HE won the National Award for Quality - First Prize - in 1987 and received it from the President of India.

Transworld Trade Fair Selection Award (Gold)

National Award for Quality - First Prize

Udyog Vibushan

Quality Excellence

Marketing Organization

Best Pumps (India) Pvt Ltd is the Marketing Organization of Best Engineers Pumps Pvt Ltd, has branches across India and undertakes marketing/servicing of pumps and all branch services stations have the sufficient spares to fulfill the requirement of customers.